If you are in need of a new roof and your current roof has 2 or more layers on it, a complete tear off of the existing roof will have to be done. This can be a daunting task and quite frankly a big mess. At Black Hills Roofing we specialize in these types of roofs. More than half the roofs we do require tear-offs prior to new roof installation. We take great care in removing old shingles not to do damage to your home or garden. We do it in a timely fashion and make sure to dry-in any section of the roof the same day we tear off. This ensures that even mid-project your home is protected. When it comes to cleaning up the mess our motto is to leave your yard cleaner than the way we found. Using thorough magnet sweeps and getting down on our hand and knees to get every scrap.


If you just have one layer on your existing roof a re-roof is an option. Going directly over the old shingles. Although it is not recommended for all single layer roofs it is a less expensive option. All pipe flashing are replaced and some removal of old shingles is done around wall flashings to ensure the metal flashing not being replaced was properly installed and the new shingles are flashed correctly. A wider faced drip-edge is also used to conceal the old roof on eaves and gables.


The saying "They don't make em' like they used to" is unfortunately too often true in new construction. At Black Hills we strive to raise the bar on new roofs. With better and better roofing products hitting the market regularly a quality roof that will last many years is more attainable than ever. We are a credentialed Shingle Master company. This not only allows us to offer the best warranties in the industry, it also means we are using proven industry standards on application of your roof and continuously educating our employees. We make sure every detail on your roof is applied correctly and with care.


Commercial roofing usually implies flat roofs. Although the old tar and gravel roofs had their advantages, newer single membrane (PVC, TPO, EPDM) and SBS modified granular rolled roofing products are phasing out tar and gravel. Although products like TPO can hold a swimming pool if welded correctly, there is no room for error in flat roofs. All seams must be adhered correctly and the layout of the roof must allow water to drain effectively. Our employees have years of experience and mastered techniques at installing quality flat roofs of any size.


Metal roofs are desirable for areas that receive a lot of snowfall. But they are becoming more popular in all areas for several reasons. Metal is lighter and sheds moisture quickly and newer panels with a aluminum and zinc combination won't rust. Cool colors keep structures cooler in the summer and all metal roofs are class "A" fire rated. Metal give contrast on homes with asphalt shingles on bay windows and porches along with shedding snow better on low-sloped porches. We offer several types of metal roofing much of which comes from local manufacturers right here in Utah.


TPO and PVC roofs are becoming more common on residential homes as well. More cost effective than tar and gravel and is heat reflective and more energy efficient. The performance and installation advantages make these roofs more popular every year.


When it comes to leaks and repairs, we have an impeccable record for finding the problem and making the necessary repairs for a fair price. No repair is too small.


When winter comes problems often arise due to ice damning. This can be caused from poor ventilation causing warm roofs to melt and then freezing on the eaves of a roof or an area of a roof that receives little or no sunlight or from extreme conditions. There are several brands of heat-cables. But to be effective and last several seasons a high-quality de-icing cable is recommended. The application is equally important as to not damage the roof or cable and solve the ice damning problem. We install thousands of feet of cable every year and always solve the problem. We also offer thermostats and self-regulated cables that same on electricity.


We are certified as a 2-Star installer of skylights and suntunnel/solartubes with VELUX. Makers of premium skylights and suntunnels. Some homeowners hesitate to install these products because of their record for leaks. But know that when installed correctly by a professional this is never an issue. We've all seen what the natural light can do for the environment of a home or business. We offer a product for all types of roofs at a competitive price.

is a leading U.S. manufacturer of low slope and steep slope roofing products for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential roofing and waterproofing applications. CertainTeed has served the roofing industry for 100 years, establishing a solid reputation for quality, reliability, and technical innovation.
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family of shingles adds beauty and depth to your home. Elk's is known for its quality, durability and protection. An Elk roof offers a wide range of striking, dimensional styles and colors to complement any home's architecture. Plus, the strength of Elk stands behind each Elk roof, with top wind-resistance and Class "A" fire ratings, and some of the best warranties in the business.
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Helping to assure your best and safest choice in roofing.
Founded in 1886, GAF Materials Corporation has grown to be one of the largest building products companies in North America´┐Żas well as the largest commercial and residential roofing manufacturer (nearly $3 billion in sales). GAF's quality roofing products are regularly recognized by leading industry experts, including:
• GAF awarded #1 visual brand by Life Magazine
• GAF's Fireshield roof restoration system named "Best Product" by the editors of Buildings magazine
• Named most-used asphalt roofing shingles (2005 study)
• Named #1 in shingle and ridge vent quality by Home Builders (2005 study)
• Named #1 shingle brand used in the last two years by Home Builders (2003 study)
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